Kisho (Weather) Shrine

"One and Only in Japan" Kisho (Weather) Shrine

The weather comes to everyone equally every day.
Nobody exists all over the world who has nothing with weather
So we think "One and Only in Japan" Kisho (Weather)Shrine should be familiar shrine for everyone.
Praying weather means to think carefully your day.
Hope everyone’s hearts would be clear.

Enshrined Deity

Yagokoro Omoikaneno Mikoto

Yagokoro Omoikaneno Mikoto is sun of Takamusubino Mikoto who was supreme commander in deity heaven.

Yagokoro Omoikaneno Mikoto can gather everyone's wisdom.
First letter of its name "Ya" means "eight (8)".

Yagokoro Omoikaneno Mikoto can control eight phenomenon of weather "Sunny" "Cloudy" "Rain" "Thunder" "Wind" "Frost" "Snow" "Fog".

Brief History of Kisho (Weather) Shrine

Army Weather Department of Imperial Japanese Army was organized in Suginami ward (Mabashi district) in Apr 1944. In those days, strategy was developed on the basis of weather condition. So Kisho (Weather) shrine was founded as a purpose of hit of weather forecast.
After World War Ⅱ, GHQ issued the "Shinto Directive (Termination of State Shinto)" and State Shinto was abolished. However due to omission of investigation, Kisho (Weather) shrine finally remained.

After breakup of Army Weather Department, all the people concerned together discussed about relocation matter of Kisho (Weather) shrine.
Mr.Minoru Yamamoto (Grandfather of current Chief Priest) finally accepted relocation of Kisho (Weather) shrine to site of Koenji Hikawa Shrine from site of Army Weather Department.

Due to an old and decaying of shrine building, current Kisho shrine building was founded in June 2004, as an 55th anniversary of relocation to Koenji Hikawa Shrine.

Annual Grand Festival
Carried out 1st June every year

1st June is the anniversary of weather. 1st June in 1875, the first meteorological observation station was founded in Tokyo (Akasaka district).

So we are pleased to carry out Annual Grand Festival 1st June.

Ofuda・Omamori・Geta Ema・Omikuji

Kisho(Weather)Shrine Ofuda

(1,000 yen)

Kisho(Weather)Shrine Card Omamori

(800 yen)

Hare Omamori

(800 yen)

Teru-Teru Omamori (Red・Blue)

(800 yen)

Geta Ema (Red・Yellow)

(800 yen)

Kisho(Weather)Shrine wooden Ofuda

(S:2,000 yen・L:3,000 yen)

Hare Omamori
(Premium version in paulownia box)

(1,500 yen)

Teru-Teru Omikuji

(500 yen)

Koten Omamori

(800 yen)

Teru-Teru Omamori (Gold・Silver)

(Limited in Jun / Jan)

Weather Forecaster Omamori


Kisho Shrine Pencil




4-44-19, Koenji-Minami,Suginamu-ku, Tokyo, Japan (zip code : 166-0003)
TEL : +81-3-3314-4147
FAX : +81-3-3315-0034
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Office hours

Open : 09:00 ※Possible to enter into Shrine site from the early morning.
Close : 17:00

Nearest Station

JR Chuo-Line (Sobu-Line) Koenji Station 2 min walk
※JR Chuo-Line does not stop at Koenji Station every weekend and national holiday,
so please come to by JR Sobu-Line.