Koenji Hikawa Shrine

Brief History of Koenji Hikawa Shrine

According to Edo meisho ezu (Guide of famous Edo sites), A person who is called “Murata” stayed in Koenji village during Ohshu Seibatsu (Ohshu conquest) by Minamotono Yoritomo (First General in Kamakura era).

According to shrine’s tradition, an emissary from headquarter of Hikawa Shrine in Musasino-Kuni (Saitama pref, Omiya city) informed godly messeage and ordered to found shrine in Koenji village due to highland location with beautiful scenery.

Although Koenji Hikawa shrine building was burned down during World War Ⅱ, current Koenji Hikawa shrine building was finally reconstructed in 1974.Thanks to guadian deity of Koenji Hikawa shrine, we live a peaceful and healthful life.

(God of worship in Koenji Hikawa Shrine)

Koenji Hikawa Shrine
(picture of reconstructed in 1974)

Annual Grand Festival

Carried out last weekend in August

Annual grand festival is the most important among all festival carried out in Koenji Hikawa Shrine. We all express our gratitude for last year, and wish for a peace of our country and community of Koenji Hikawa Shrine in next year.

Scene of annual grand festival

Annual festival and event

Jan.01 New year’s day festival (Gantan-sai)
Feb Hatsuuma-sai (First Horse Day in Feb)
Mar.1st Sun Hinamatsuri (Girl’s festival) and Rice cake pounding event
Jun.01 Kisho (Weather) festival (carried out in Kisho shrine)
Jun.30 Great Purification (Nagoshi Oharae)
Aug Annual Grand festival (Last weekend in Aug)
Dec.30 Great Purification (Toshikoshi Oharae)
Dec.31 End year’s day festival

Great Purification (Nagshi Oharae)

Annual Grand festival

Tokyo Koenji Awaodori
Annual Grand Festival – Koenji Awaodori are held on the same day.

Tokyo Koenji Awaodori started as “dedication dance to the god of Koenji Hikawa shrine.”

Etiquette in shrine


1) Go to Temizuya before worshiping in shrine.
2) Take the ladle in the right hand,scoop water and pour over the left hand.
3) Transfer the ladle to the left hand and cleanse the right hand.
4) Transfer the ladle once more to the right hand,and pour water into the cupped left hand.
  Use this water to rinse the mouth.
5) Wash the left hand once more.
6) Return the ladle to its original position.

②How to pray in Shrine

1) Wash hands and rinse mouth to prepare yourself for purification.
2) Proceed toward the altar.
3) Make the bell ring by shaking the rope.
4) Make an offering into offering box.
5) Bow twice deeply in front of offering box.
6) Clap your hands twice.
7) Bow once deeply.



4-44-19, Koenji-Minami,Suginamu-ku, Tokyo, Japan (zip code : 166-0003)
TEL : +81-3-3314-4147
FAX : +81-3-3315-0034
URL : https://koenji-hikawa.com/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/koenji_hikawa

Office hours

Open : 09:00  ※Possible to enter into Shrine site from the early morning
Close : 17:00

Nearest Station

JR Chuo-Line (Sobu-Line) Koenji Station 2 min walk
※JR Chuo-Line does not stop at Koenji Station every weekend and national holiday,
 so please come to by JR Sobu-Line.